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August Update

Hello everyone, well we have been online now since the 1st of July and slowly but surely we are starting to become more recognised as a going concern by more and more people. We would like to thank all that have supported us and continue to support us in our endeavour to create our business.

Celtic Style Cross made from scrap 9ct rings and chain

We have been quite busy with the remodelling of old jewellery into something new and exciting for our customers. If you are tired of your old jewellery or its broken and you can't wear it anymore, why not have it turned into something unique and fresh. Supplying your own metal and stones can be a cheaper way of getting something new. This Celtic cross and viking weave braclet were made from some old 9ct rings and heavy curb chain.

Anni also has been busy with the wire weaving side of things, her Tree of Life pendants are selling well. These are handmade individually totally from sterling silver or copper and no two are the same.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions on any of our products or want to talk about your next piece please email, txt, pm or phone.


Russell and Anni

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